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A Primer on Cut Flowers

Keep these things in mind when you buy your next bouquet.

Books for Gardeners

Here are some great ideas for holiday gifts!

A Visit to the Inspired Gardener

Plantsman and designer Marc Hudson has created beautiful gardens—both for himself and others.

Daylily Devotion

Thanks to some great growers, this beloved and beautiful mainstay of the summer garden is available in thousands of forms, colors and sizes.

An Artist's Oasis in Cornish

Noted for their beauty, Stephen Parrish’s early twentieth-century gardens in Cornish have been revived—thanks, in part, to the painter’s detailed journals.

Planting Seeds for Children

Members of the Derry Garden Club share their expertise and enthusiasm for growing food with young people.

A Garden Where Old England Meets New England

Gordon and Mary Hayward’s magical landscape near their late-eighteenth-century farmhouse is being documented for the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens.

9 Favorite Flowering Shrubs for Spring and Summer

Gorgeous spring- and summer-blooming shrubs deliver color, fragrance and pollinators to your garden

10 Tips for Incorporating Red in the Garden

Bright blooms, burgundy foliage and vivid accessories enliven and enrich landscapes

How to Step Up the Look of Your Landscape With Stairs

The design of your outdoor stairs — including materials, dimensions and placement — helps set the mood in your yard

9 Hardscape Materials to Pair With Brick for a Classy Look

See how to combine this time-honored paving material with other types, such as concrete and stone

Give Your Garden a Beautiful Focal Point

See some of the ways you can build or recycle a feature to provide your landscape with year-round interest

Top 10 Native Plants for the Northeast

For a low-maintenance, wildlife-friendly landscape, use native plants adapted to the climate and range of soils in the Northeast

What to Know About Installing a Walkway of Pavers and Pebbles

Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, here’s what to consider in adding a path of pavers and gravel

Living Color

Houseplants not only add pleasing and vibrant touches to any room in the house—they’re also good for you!
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