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A remarkable makeover of a 1960s ranch

Transforming a 1960s ranch into a home suited to today’s lifestyle was not as easy as it first appeared.
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Trick Out Your Kitchen Backsplash for Storage and More

Free up countertop space and keep often-used items handy by making your backsplash more resourceful
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How to Get a Tile Floor Installed

Inventive options and durability make tile a good choice for floors. Here’s what to expect
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10 Features That May Be Missing From Your Plan

Pay attention to the details on these items to get exactly what you want while staying within budget
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Why it's important to have a user-friendly bathroom

Several homeowners share stories of how they transformed these rooms to function for family members of all ages.

Easy fixes for a safer bathroom

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 30 percent of bathroom injuries among teens and adults happen in the bath or shower.

Tips for designing a user-friendly bathroom

Here are some pointers for making your home bathroom more user-friendly for everyone in your family and those with special needs

How to Reface Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

Update your cabinets without replacing them entirely, as a DIY project or with help from a pro

A Serene Retreat

A recently renovated master bedroom and bathroom combine natural materials and Asian influence for quiet style.
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The low-down on getting an appliance serviced

Wayne St. Hilaire, owner of Appliance Services in Brentwood, shares his observations on getting appliances serviced

A contemporary kitchen with a natural touch

Simple in style, this inviting space boasts plenty of storage and personal touches.

Kitchen Confidential: A Guide to 6 Island Styles

L-shaped, galley, rolling or curved? See what kind of kitchen island might be right for you

LEDs: A Bright Future for Kitchens

LEDs are becoming the first choice in lighting design.

Remodeling Your Kitchen in Stages: Detailing the Work and Costs

To successfully pull off a remodel and stay on budget, keep detailed documents of everything you want in your space
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11 Quirky Features Worth Preserving in Historic Homes

Dumbwaiters, root cellars, phone niches: Vintage details such as these add charm and tradition to a house
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Repurposing an Old House

A brick building in Keene is transformed into an energy-efficient coffee roastery.
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An Elegant Pied-à-Terre

A short walk from Boston’s theater district, a tiny condo in an historic home is now a New Hampshire couple’s weekend getaway.
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