6 nabbed at police checkpoint

BEDFORD — Police arrested six drivers, two for driving while intoxicated, in a six-hour sobriety checkpoint the department conducted during Labor Day weekend, Lt. Michael Bernard said this week.

The checkpoint, which ran from 9 p.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday, was set up on South River Road between the Route 101 intersection and the entrance to Manchester Country Club.

Bernard said officers manned three checkpoint stations, through which 122 motorists passed. The first alcohol-related arrest took place just after 1 a.m., Bernard said, when 21-year-old Richard Cadavid, of Manchester, was taken into custody and charged with driving while intoxicated, second offense.

The second, made shortly before 2 a.m., involved Adam Lyons, 23, of Lakeville, Mass., who was charged with first-offense driving while intoxicated, Bernard said.

The other four arrests were for operating after suspension, he said.

Not every driver who approaches the checkpoint was stopped, Bernard said. “At times when all three stations are occupied, we wave drivers through,” he said, adding that checkpoint guidelines prohibit the formation of a waiting line.

“We’re not allowed to create a backup like that,” Bernard said. “If a station is open, we’ll direct them in, but we won’t hold people up and make them wait.”

The checkpoint program receives federal highway safety funding through the N.H. Highway Safety Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Bernard said.