Possible dog park on Back River Road

BEDFORD — A 6-acre, town-owned property on Back River Road is the current favorite for a possible dog park location.

Town Councilor Norm Longval, who serves on the dog park subcommittee, said the members visited another possible site, on Camp Road, but found that site would require significant clearing and other work.

The Back River Road site is better because there is already a rough parking lot, and the land is more open, with fewer trees, Longval said.

Both sites are located under power lines, and the subcommittee has asked the power company, National Grid, to send guidelines on how to develop the site safely. It might be necessary to use certain types of materials, for example.

“We anticipate that we’ll be able to do it, once we have their guidelines. Then we have to make an assessment, can we afford to do whatever they’re requesting of us,” Longval said.

The subcommittee plans to meet with abutters in the near future to discuss any concerns they may have, he said.

“I’ve only met two of the abutters, one I happen to know personally, who lives across the street and is looking forward to it, because he has a dog. The other we met when we walked the site, and we said it was preliminary, and he seemed satisfied with that,” Longval said.

If the Parks and Recreation Commission moves forward with the proposal, the subcommittee will put together a detailed presentation for the Planning Board, incorporating the guidelines from National Grid, Longval said.

— Wendy DePuy