2014 Green Design Honorable Mention: Chocorua Residence

Builder: BEAM Construction Associates, Inc. in North Sandwich   
(603) 284-6187

Built for a couple nearing retirement, this new residence near Chocorua Lake integrates with the local vernacular, while boasting an advanced thermal envelope, a solar photovoltaic system and an efficient air-sourced heat pump. Other features include Energy Star-rated appliances, water-saving plumbing fixtures and LED lighting fixtures. The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating is 25.

The homeowners’ goals were that the home be energy efficient, easy to maintain and have extremely low operating costs. Space planning needed to be intimate,and able to accommodate large dinner parties and extended family.

The site had an abundance of gravel that could be used for fill and driveway construction. Lumber was cut and milled on-site, and included white pine, hemlock and yellow birch.

Judges said: “This house successfully married various green elements to its design without allowing them to drive the form and feel of the project. The simple, symmetrical building shape and use of raw shingles and rough timber resulted in a very pleasing house.”

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