2015 Green Design winner: Wonalancet Residence

Photography courtesy of Monika O’Clair

Built on a winding, low hillock in an area of glacial kames and gravel terraces, this slightly less than 1,500-square-foot Wonalancet home is an extremely energy-efficient and comfortable structure. The home is Energy Star certified; is heated with efficient air-sourced heat pumps; and powered by renewable energy from a 7.2-kilowatt-per-hour photovoltaic array on the building’s south-facing roof. The home produces slightly more energy than it uses. The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating is 22.

The homeowner’s goals were that the home be energy efficient, cozy and easy to maintain; use no fossil fuels; and help house a large music and book collection. With those requirements in mind, the site development and construction materials were carefully researched and chosen. On-site gravel was utilized, and trees on the property marked for removal were cut, milled and used for building; additional lumber and shingles were locally sourced as much as possible. The exterior siding and trim is Eastern white cedar and left in its natural state to weather gracefully—no painting required!

Judges said:“This home achieves admirable efficiency without sacrificing the architectural details that express the tradition of building in northern New England. The exterior massing and detailing belies the well-insulated structure and advanced operating systems that allow the home to maintain a net positive energy usage. The project demonstrates that a return to locally sourced materials, an integration of technologies both old and new, and a sensitivity to the site can produce a building that blends seamlessly into its surroundings.”

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