2015 Interior Design winner: Striking Vistas

Photography courtesy of Rob Karosis

Function and flair abound in this sophisticated Portsmouth home, located in an elegant, brick structure rising five stories above the Piscataqua River and downtown area. With such picturesque surroundings, the homeowners desired a place of peace and comfort.

Each room possesses a distinct character. The master bedroom, for instance, is done in cool whites and soft blues, creating a cloudlike effect. Wall-to-wall windows, eight-foot-high doorways and ten-foot-tall ceilings showcase the striking vistas; bold horizontal lines help keep the ceiling height from overpowering the space; and low, wooden shelving under the windows adds visual interest and dimension. 

Judges said:  “This downtown Portsmouth condominium is an exercise in creating individual spaces with distinct identities within an open plan, while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout. The design tucks the kitchen into the core of the space and uses two sets of windows that frame views out to the streets below as backdrops for the living and dining areas. The L-shaped kitchen island, appropriately-scaled furniture arrangements and simple lighting fixtures all work together to create defined cooking, eating and living areas in one harmonious, light-filled space. Low, built-in bookcases that line the exterior wall span the living and dining areas, providing an efficient storage and seating option while connecting these two distinct areas. The care for small details is evident in the millwork design and material selections.”

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