2015 Outdoor Design winner: Windemere Pool

Photography courtesy of Nat Rea

Designed for an active family with a busy lifestyle, this nature-inspired outdoor space offers a fun and relaxing vacation spot that does not require departing from home. Taking their cues from the woodland setting beyond, eco-friendly landscape elements and an organic look were chosen: a saltwater pool system is gentle on the body, and leaves skin smooth and silky; natural tile coping and Aberdeen pavers keep the area’s surfaces cool to the touch, even on the hottest days; decking from Reysta mimics the look of tropical hardwood; LED starlights inset into the decking create a warm and welcoming atmosphere; and low-maintenance plants provide visual interest, as do the fire pit and waterfall.

Judges said:  “Natural materials and man-made details are well integrated in this backyard retreat. The use of boulders and the water feature are well thought out. The design is able to borrow the mature background landscape to frame the pool area.”

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