2016 Home of the Year honorable mention: Mountain House

The 2016 Home of the Year honorable mention goes to Recreama Development in Intervale and INTERSTICE Architects in San Francisco, California

Photography courtesy of Greg Premru

Recreama Development in Intervale   
(603) 356-2301  

INTERSTICE Architects in San Francisco, California 
(415) 285-3960

Surrounded by the White Mountains National Forest and built on five acres along a logging trail, Mountain House has an interior “breezeway” that separates the living quarters from the studio, workshop and garage, and fills the spaces with light and mountain views. See more about this home, A Spectacular House on a Dramatic Site.

Judges said: This home is proof that good modern architecture can create both a comfortable and enlivened natural retreat. The linearity of the driveway approach is continued through the house with the open, end-to-end hall serving as a spine to organize the floor plan; the parallel, private side deck connects living area to the outdoors. The limited but organic palette of wood, stone, steel and glass further integrates indoors and outdoors, grounding the house to the site. We delighted in elements such as the glass stair landing, unexpected site lines, custom furniture and the split-log posts alluding to past rustic structures. All said, it looks like a thoroughly enjoyable place to spend time with family and friends, or appreciate what nature offers.

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