2017 Excellence in Bath Design Winner: Contemporary Bath

The 2017 winner is Randy Trainor of C. Randolph Trainor Interiors in Franconia

Randy Trainor of C. Randolph Trainor Interiors in Franconia  
(603) 823-8133

“Spa-like” is the phrase that drove the renovation decisions of this master bathroom that the designer previously described as “dysfunctional.” Before renovation, the toilet was in the middle of the room, the tub was never used and the only storage was in the very cramped vanity.

The bathtub was eliminated, and the toilet and new shower were installed in its place. The original shower and vanity were replaced with a ten-foot double vanity.

To visually enlarge and brighten the bathroom, the same twelve-by-twenty-four-inch tile was used across the floor, up the walls and on the window jambs with the cabinet color closely matching the tile. A custom tile backsplash matches the hand-made glass pendant lights over the vanity. A frameless shower surround keeps things open and bright.

Judges said: This bathroom is open and spacious without any wasted space. The soft color scheme works well as a restrained backdrop to the colorful tile accents and light fixtures.


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