2018 Excellence in Kitchen Design Winner: Wells Project

Tedd LeBlanc of Crown Point Cabinetry in Claremont
(603) 504-6898

The custom kitchen was designed to have an early American feel while incorporating the needs of a functional kitchen space. The aesthetically pleasing details include open shelving, glass doors, finished ends, custom finished interiors, drop and extended stiles, flush sub-bases, and a solid wood top. The interior cabinet components include cutlery dividers, double baskets, stainless-steel double baskets, tray dividers and a file drawer. The kitchen also features an expansive island for the homeowners’ storage and entertaining needs.

Judges said: This kitchen is comfortable and cozy, with good spatial proportions. We like the logical use of materials for ceiling, floor, cabinetry and countertops. The pleasing collection of earthenware adds to the warmth of the space, and the whole design holds together.

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