2019 Excellence in Outdoor Design Honorable Mention: Boulder Shore

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Photography courtesy of Kelsie Stearns and Eric Turchon

Gregory Rusnica of Bonin Architects & Associates in New London
(603) 526-6200

This sloping lakefront site presented a challenge for the design, because the landscape would need to rise up and meet the home’s first floor. New Hampshire fieldstone walls retain grade, and climbing hydrangeas help to soften the tallest retaining wall in the landscape. Dappled shade covers the lush lower lawn and makes for an ideal play area.

Judges said: There is a well-defined, layered composition of outdoor spaces, blending the timeless essence of stone with organic landscaping. The climbing vines certainly enhance this concept. The integrative siting of the house and outdoor spaces with the views harmonizes quite well.

Photography courtesy of Kelsie Stearns and Eric Turchon

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