2019 Home of the Year Winner: Lake Point House

Photography courtesy of Marcus Gleysteen and Joshua McHugh

Marcus Gleysteen and Maggie Mink of Marcus Gleysteen Architects in Lincoln, Massachusetts
(781) 259-0876

Located on eighteen acres, the Lake Point House was oriented to optimize views to the water, and positioned to preserve trees and site features. The natural wood used both on the exterior and throughout the interior; the granite chimneys; the layering of steel columns with the window system; and the wood beams soaring out toward the water reflect a sensitivity to context, scale and composition.

A key function of the house is its ability to accommodate two people or twenty people with equal comfort and grace. The house is organized into three distinct units. The first contains the kitchen paired with the master suite directly above. The second unit, the great room, accommodates guests and extended family, and incorporates large-scale dining and seating areas. Separated by a sliding door on the far side of the great room is the third unit—a guest wing that remains out of sight when not in use.

Inside the great room, the lake view unfolds along a wall of glass panels, and doors open to a wide terrace flanked by two covered outdoor porches with direct access to the lawn and lakefront. Mature trees screen the house from the lake, providing both privacy and strategic view corridors.

Judges said:  This house is responsive at many levels. The well-composed forms with an array of steel and glass facades, along with soaring roof overhangs, establish an interactive dialogue with the lakefront site context. The three-part spatial organization addresses program and functions in a clear manner, along with a well-expressed progression of flow and views. The jury unanimously selected this project as the winner of the 2019 Home of the Year. It is truly a fine, unique design that seems to celebrate the flavor of the juxtaposed natural and built environment in New Hampshire.


Photography courtesy of Marcus Gleysteen and Joshua McHugh

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