2020 Excellence in Small Home Design Winner: Bear Notch Camp

Photography courtesy of Emily Lord

Bob Butcher and Peter Wobber, of BEAM Construction Associates, Inc. in North Sandwich
(603) 284-6187

The Bear Notch Camp is an 830-square-foot, off-grid, two-bedroom, one-bath home. It is part of a cluster of buildings that includes a kitchen/living cabin, a sleeping cabin, a connecting porch and the original barn. Eastern white pine boards—cut and sawn locally—were used for interior and exterior finishes.

Judges said: The refreshing design of this retreat celebrates its utilitarian nature and embodies the essence of a cabin. Simple design details in the building’s placement create visual interest. The subtle splay of the new structures offers a graceful approach to the buildings from many perspectives. Whitewashed interior walls and ceilings balance nicely with locally sourced wood to create bright yet visually warm interiors. The steel shelf supports and other details, along with the sparse, simple furniture, reinforce a place of elegance, simplicity and comfort.

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