2023 Architectural Design: Traditional Winner: Big Grey Rock

Big Grey Rock, aptly named for the abundance of exposed granite ledge dominating the landscape, exemplifies environmental sensitivity, enhancement of the natural elements, and use of native and natural materials. Seventy feet above the water, the home offers predominantly southerly views stretching across the lake’s length, offering an ever-changing seasonal backdrop from sunrise to sunset. The highly crafted home balances small-scale use and sufficient space for large family gatherings. The entry court paved with reclaimed granite slabs establishes a sense of scale, maturity and endurance before you even step foot inside the house. The millwork, generous use of wood and natural palette of materials anchor the home in the rugged landscape. Various outdoor spaces extend the living space beyond the home’s walls: The western side of the residence features an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the screened porch; the screen porch also has a deck above adjacent to second-story bedroom balconies; the southern side has a
cascading pathway.

What the judges said: Handcrafted and rich in thoughtful details, this home strikes a balance between whimsy and opulence. We appreciate the location of the round room on the unique site, taking full advantage of the lake views.

Bonin Architects & Associates
New London and Meredith
(603) 526-6200


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