2023 Green Design: Energy-Efficient Home Winner: Beaver Lodge Lookout

As recent empty-nesters, the clients were ready to downsize with a glassy new residence on 3.2 acres of picturesque marshland. The sweeping views came with the requirement for significant setbacks from the wetlands, leaving a small buildable area just down from the street. The siting naturally accommodated the clients’ primary goals of net-zero performance and preserving the beauty of the property. The primary living spaces follow an east-west axis, granting southern exposure to the long, marsh-facing façade. Floor-to-ceiling tilt-turn windows unfold along the back elevation, letting occupants soak in the scenery while their home soaks up passive solar heat. Triple-glazed windows and doors mitigate heat loss during the winter, while an exterior aluminum trellis provides just enough shade to prevent overheating in warmer months. Non-toxic cellulose super-insulates both of the home’s wall assemblies. The interior climate is moderated by multiple air source heat pumps, two energy-recovery ventilators, and electric radiant heat in heavily trafficked zones. Despite the energy demands of its advanced HVAC system, a 14 KW rooftop photovoltaic array generates a surplus of electricity for the home. As their neighbors are subject to significant increases in utility costs, our clients are receiving monthly paybacks from their electric company.

What the judges said: True love! We applaud the commitment to the environment while still celebrating great design that connects to this family’s love of nature.

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Portland, Maine
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Photography: C. A. Smith Photography

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