2023 Interior Design: Whole House Winner: Nane Blohm 1900s Barn

nidu Studio
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A 1900s barn with a sound structure and beautiful surroundings was repurposed to be a home away from home for a family that is scattered across the globe from Seattle to London. Conceived as a nest where they can reconnect and recharge, the home has a first floor divided into two main areas: the social section, with ample space to spend time together comfortably, and a private section for bedrooms that offer peace and quiet. The second floor, added to serve as a loft, comprises a home office, a meditation room and reading corners. Decorated in an alpine-modern style, the home is appointed with the family’s collection of art and furniture from former residences. The home, filled with original wooden finishes and details, reminds the family of where they came from.

What the judges said: A cohesive and consistent expression, born of one parti and magically executed. The interiors are beautifully composed with an exquisite art collection. The marriage of modern and historic fabric is wonderful!

Photography: Carmen Blohm & Joe Plante

Categories: Design Awards Winners