2023 Outdoor Design: Garden Design Winner: Shiprock

The landscape plan created for this newly constructed home includes an inviting front walkway with hydrangeas and boxwoods against the house and perennial swaths to add color. The deer-resistant plants provide a succession of blooms throughout the season. Moving away from the house, the plantings become more natural to blend into the woodland setting. Native trees such as white fringe tree and dogwood provide scale and balance to the more established trees that surround the backdrop of this home. Other native shrubs, such as sweetspire and ostrich fern were incorporated into the boulders on the right side of the home, closer to the woods. Near the home and driveway side, yarrow, catnip and hakone grass provide bright swaths of yellows and purples, a color scheme continued by the plantings along the back walkway and patio. Hakone grass, lady’s mantle, salvia, Russian sage and the use of vertical boxwoods as a green wall separate the space. In contrast, perennials such as pink astilbe and shastas add mid-summer color. As you round the back corner, a statue from the homeowner’s collection provides a serene moment against a backdrop of knockout roses.

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Photography: Jessica Engle

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