5 Reasons to Choose a Walk-In Shower

Contemporary in design, space enhancing and easy to maintain — what’s not to like about a walk-in shower?

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Do you love nothing more than an invigorating morning drench but can’t see a way of fitting a shower enclosure into your bathroom layout? Or maybe you want to ditch the bath altogether? Then a walk-in shower could be the solution. Read why you might want to choose a walk-in shower, and get some helpful advice on how to make this popular bathroom feature work for you.

What defines a walk-in shower? Primarily, it’s a waterproofed showering area that has no hinged doors, enabling you to simply “walk in.” A popular design feature is to have a wet-room-style floor where the floor is tiled throughout, and a preformed shower mat is laid beneath the tiles. However, it’s also possible to have a visible shower tray in a walk-in, but they will be very low-profile or sit flush with the floor so the step is minimal.

Another common design feature is a frameless and fixed-glass screen that shields the water spray from the rest of the room. Some walk-ins can even be completely open, depending on the size of the space and what works with the rest of the fixtures.

1. They save space. Whether you’re desperate for more space in your bathroom or you simply want to create the illusion of it, a walk-in shower can help with both. Removing the need for a bulky cubicle means you don’t have to account for the space taken up by shower doors or high trays. This is particularly helpful in rooms that are narrow or have low ceilings. 

A walk-in shower with a wet-room-style floor also offers more flexibility when it comes to planning your layout, as there is no fixed tray size and it can be fitted into awkward spaces.

What’s more, if you’re installing a frameless glass screen, there will be no visual interruption through the space, and the room will appear larger and brighter — perfect in compact bathrooms where the space is tight or there is no natural light.

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2. There are practical advantages. A huge benefit that a walk-in shower has over a traditional enclosure is that it’s much easier to use. Thanks to the doorless and step-free design, walk-in showers are ideal for people with less mobility, such as the elderly and young children, who struggle to lift their leg over a bath or to keep their balance. And with extra space for showering, two or more kids can be washed at once, easing the morning or bedtime routine. Double showers can also be fitted inside the wet area for dual showering, which will add a five-star touch.

In trayless showers, be sure to pick flooring that is nonslip or has a slight texture for grip, such as ceramic tiles. But if you do opt for a shower tray, go for a slimline design that can be fitted flush with the floor, so there is a minimal step and less of a trip hazard.

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3. They’re easy to maintain.Minimal hardware equals minimal cleaning. With no door handles or hinges to scrub, just the shower head and faucets to buff now and again, you’ll have more time to enjoy a relaxing drench. Most glass panels come complete with easy-to-clean tempered glass, which makes it super simple to spray down, while the tiled floor inside the shower area can be cleaned with the rest of the floor in your usual routine.

If you want to keep the screen pristine, try using a daily shower spray that you can buy in any supermarket to build up a clear film on the glass that will repel the water and keep mold at bay.

Get a Designer Look

4. You’ll get a designer look that adds value. The sleek lines and minimal styling of walk-in showers gives them a high-end,

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luxe look that will boost any bathroom’s style credentials. It’s well known that buyers consider the kitchen and bathroom to be game-changers when it comes to purchasing a house, so installing a walk-in shower is sure to create a stunning feature that will help make your home memorable if you decide to sell.

If you’re worried about a walk-in shower feeling a little chilly because it’s so open, you could try fitting a heat lamp overhead, or even underfloor heating, which will add another luxurious touch to help at resale.

You’ll also be pleased to know that achieving this designer look doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag, thanks to the minimal fixtures and fittings required. Fitting a visible tray will bring your costs down as you won’t have the need for extensive waterproofing under the floor, although you’ll still need to tile from floor to ceiling around the tray.

5. Their durability will stand the test of time. With fewer fittings involved in their design than in standard enclosures, walk-in showers are a robust feature that will stand up to years of usage and plenty of wear and tear. No more replacing hinges or door seals that have worn out; a walk-in shower will keep its good looks for a long time.

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