Appealing Color Palettes for Colonial-Style Homes

Spruce up your exterior with one of these classic and fresh color combinations for siding, doors and trim

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From the ornately colorful “painted ladies” of San Francisco to the Craftsman homes with their earthy tones, some architectural styles are naturally inclined to certain color palettes, and Colonial homes are no exception. With strong symmetry and simple adornments, Colonial (and Colonial Revival) homes have a stately, no-nonsense demeanor. Help your Colonial-style home look its best with these 10 exterior paint color combination ideas, from traditional choices like all-white and muted historic hues to fresh twists that will bring your Colonial home into the 21st century while honoring its roots.

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Classic color: White siding + white trim. You really can’t miss with a fresh, crisp white on the siding and trim of a Colonial house. Paint the front door white to match for an understated look, or a glossy navy or black (as shown here) for an elegant finish. 

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Fresh twist: White siding + bright door. An all-white house gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to the color of the front door — why not have fun with a pop of bright color front and center? Try classic red, lime green, lemon yellow, turquoise … anything goes!

Classic color: Gray siding + matching trim. Using a muted gray on both siding and trim is a look that’s especially fitting for a simple home with few adornments (such as shutters). Here, a red door draws the eye to the entrance and echoes the color of the brick chimneys.

Classic combo: Golden yellow siding + white trim. A historic hue with a warm, sunny disposition, golden yellow looks just right on a Colonial-style house. Keep the look fresh with a crisp white trim and navy blue front door, as they did on this Georgian-style home, the oldest house in Winchester, Massachusetts.

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Siding paint: Stuart Gold HC-10, Benjamin Moore; trim paint: White Sand OC-10, Benjamin Moore

Classic combo: Sage green siding + red door. A natural, muted shade of green looks stately on a Colonial home. Paired with white trim and a red door, this combination would be right at home on a historic street.

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Door paint: Hillside Green, Benjamin Moore; siding paint: Knoxville Gray, Benjamin Moore

Fresh twist: Mint siding + hunter green shutters. The tone-on-tone pairing of pale green siding with dark green shutters is a new spin on the classic muted green and white. White trim and doors help keep the overall look light and airy.

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Fresh twist: Blue-gray siding + green door. The siding color is a historic hue, but pairing it with crisp white trim and a fresh spring green front door gives the home a decidedly modern spin. 

Classic combo: Pale yellow siding + dark green shutters. If white siding seems too stark, a soft yellow can be a pleasant alternative. Pair it with dark green or black shutters and white trim for a cheerful, classic look.

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Fresh twist: Beige siding + off-white trim. If you’re itching to give your Colonial home a more modern spin, consider a warm

neutral like the beige-y brown shown here. Paired with a creamy off-white trim and copper rain gutters, the look feels current yet timeless.

Classic color: Barn red. Cheerful and rich, classic barn red looks right at home on a Colonial-style home. Paint the trim to match for a seamless look, or use cream on the trim for contrast.

Fresh twist: Blue siding + black shutters. Soft blue paired with white trim and black shutters is elegant but unfussy. Look for a blue with a hint of gray or green for a natural look — too pale and it will look washed out; too bright and it won’t fit the stateliness of a Colonial home.

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