Ideas and suggestions for the perfect homegrown flower bouquets

Floral arrangements created from your garden are fresh, beautiful and unique.

Nettie Rynearson owns Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials in Goffstown, known for its two-and-a-half acres of stunning gardens. A horticulturist by training, Rynearson finds joy and satisfaction in arranging flowers.

Peruse Pinterest and it’s evident the do-it-yourself movement, including creating your own floral arrangements, shows no sign of slowing. And, why should it? It’s immensely satisfying to create and nurture a flower garden with blooms that can beautify your home inside and out. 

“I’m a horticulturist and growing plants is my job, but arranging flowers is my hobby,” says Nettie Rynearson, owner of Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials in Goffstown. “It’s peaceful, satisfying and provides joy. It brings the garden inside.”

Planning is the key to having beautiful flowers for fresh bouquets. Think about the types of flowers you enjoy, including color, texture and appearance. Create a list of perennials and annuals that bloom throughout spring, summer and fall. You don’t have to create a separate cutting garden, either. “You can plant flowers in the corner of your vegetable garden,” Rynearson says.

Need some inspiration? Floral designers Jean Martin, Candace Maynard and Susan Doody, who work with Rynearson on occasion, created the lush arrangements below for a fundraiser last year at Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials. The roses are from Apotheca Flowers & Tea Chest in Goffstown.

This small arrangement packs a colorful punch with pink hydrangea, a pink peony and yellow roses accented by variegated false dragonhead and painted fern.

Pink, yellow and blush roses—as well as the occasional peony—star in this arrangement. The supporting cast includes textured foliage, such as rodgersia ‘Chocolate Wing’ and ‘Big Betony’ lavender.

Ribbons of ornamental grass (variegated miscanthus) are tucked in loops around a single magenta peony, roses, pink peonies and peach-leaf bellflower.

Curly willow drapes down the side of this whimsical arrangement, which also features roses; peach and yellow yarrow; and variegated miscanthus.

Lavender sweet peas accent this pretty bouquet of roses, golden yarrow, variegated false dragonhead and Sweet William.
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