James Brewer Garden Design

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In 1995 I started my garden design and construction business in England, recalling the charming stone villages of the Cotswalds where I lived. As my gardens grew in size, the complexity and the scope of them increased, too.

In 2006 the BBC asked if they could air a live broadcast of garden I was working on in Hambleton. This proved a fantastic springboard to bigger and better things.

In 2014 I moved to New Hampshire, where I continued to design and create unique gardens. I’ve immersed myself in the rich diversity of materials, plants and stone found here.

One of my signature projects has been Wolfe’henge, a stunning granite garden in the mountains of Wolfeboro. My clients had collected vast amounts of granite over the years, in order to design a garden that bridged the ligature of the aged granite with a charm and informal feel, so the garden would feel as though it had always been there and would be as familiar in England or France as it is in New England.

I spent hours at the drawing board, hand drawing as I do with all my designs. The result was a charming English cottage courtyard-style garden with an abundance of perennials, all-season structural shrubs and a back drop of granite with meandering paths.

Wolfe’henge continues to mature, and with each passing season grows closer to the vision in which it was imagined. While gardens can be designed and installed to a timeline, nature works at her own pace. The charm of gardens is that they get better with age.

James’ gardens are refreshingly unique. Combining timeless elements of classical English design with our matchless plants and materials of stunning New England.

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