Living Large: Take Your Big White Room to the Next Level

Large spaces can be a challenge to decorate. Here are 8 ways to keep yours cozy

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This color is Antique White from Sherwin-Williams

Big rooms can be a tremendous asset to our home and family, but sometimes these spaces can be a challenge to decorate. If you choose to paint your large room white, you have the additional task of creating a space that’s cozy and interesting. Fortunately, white rooms provide a blank canvas for unlimited creativity and decorating styles. However, for some people, too many design choices can be paralyzing. Here are eight ideas to help you narrow down your options and pick the look that’s just right for your space.

1. Maximize seating. An expansive white living room is ideal for arena-style seating. Use a mix of chairs and sofas in tone-on-tone fabrics, and anchor the space with an oversized coffee table placed in the center of the room. This is a great idea for big family gatherings or for entertaining large groups. To avoid a room that looks stark, use an off-white wall color for a warm, welcoming appearance.

Stock Up on Seating

2. Use rustic details. For many homeowners, large, white kitchens are the stuff dreams are made of. But without thoughtful

details, these kitchens can look somewhat predictable. If you like a casual, laid-back style, consider adding rustic elements to your kitchen.

Install hardwood flooring that looks like it came straight out of a barn house. Grace the island with a butcher-block countertop and pull up a few country-western-style stools. These rustic details will flood your kitchen with an unmistakable warmth.

A similar paint color to try: Super White by Benjamin Moore.

3. Select a statement color. A sizable kitchen is an asset for many homeowners, but making this space feel intimate can be a

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challenge. One way to cozy up a big kitchen is by introducing a statement color. If you have a center island, turn it into a focal point by painting it with a beautiful, eye-catching color. The island will “pull” in the walls to visually create a space that feels cozier.

Similar paint colors to try for the island and the walls: Aquatint and Westhighland White from Sherwin-Williams.

4. Keep it bright. Got dirty clothes? Chase the laundry-day doldrums away in a spacious, light-filled utility room. Give this hard-working space a harmonious look by bathing the walls and cabinets in a soft white, and choose appliances that have the same white tones. If your utility room is a high-traffic area, go for a dark flooring. It will camouflage dirt and add depth to the room.

A similar paint color to try: Polar Bear from Behr.

Warm Up to White All Around the House

5. Repeat a pattern. By incorporating one strong pattern into your large space, you’ll fill the room with “visual” texture. Keep in mind that patterns are not limited to just fabrics. You can create a vertical- or horizontal-striped pattern with wall planks and paneling. Then bring in window treatments and accent fabrics that echo the same pattern to tie the look together.

A similar paint color to try: Extra White from Sherwin-Williams.

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6. Add complementary colors. Using accent colors is the key to bringing personality to a large, white space. In a bedroom, you can incorporate colors very easily by focusing on the bed. By using complementary colors (hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel), you’ll instantly create a dramatic look — especially if you select unexpected colors such as moss green and candy-apple red.

If you prefer a look that’s more subdued, try pale aqua and soft yellow. Your bedroom should be a refuge, so use colors that speak to your soul.

A similar paint color to try: Cyprus Spring from McCormick Paints.

Add Color Underfoot

7. Showcase your cool stuff. One advantage to having white walls is that you can emphasize other areas and items in the room. Even in a large space, a coat of white paint can make the walls “disappear,” allowing you to highlight other interesting things, such as colorful artwork, an amazing lighting fixture or unique windows and woodwork. Let your walls become a canvas.

A similar paint color to try: Wimborne White from Farrow & Ball.

8. Go minimal. Sometimes a roomy, white space just needs to be roomy. If you want to preserve an open, airy feel that’s devoid of clutter, use a minimum amount of furniture. Only bring in the pieces that you really need. In a home office, this is one way to eliminate distractions. You’ll stay focused and be more productive.

A similar paint color to try is Frost from Behr.

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