Polish Your Style With Marble

You can introduce this stone’s cool elegance into your room in ways large and small

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Timeless marble is really having a moment. From counters to coffee tables, marble can make any space feel more luxurious. Whether you are remodeling a room or seeking smaller (read: more affordable) details, here are 11 ways to bring the modern elegance of marble into your home.

1. Dining table. A marble-topped dining table is a big-ticket item; there’s no getting around that. However, it’s also portable (while those gorgeous marble counters you’ve been drooling over are not), making it a smart splurge if you’re renting or plan to sell your home in the foreseeable future.

2. Kitchen accents. Bring the chic look of marble into the kitchen on a budget with a few smaller pieces: A rolling pin, cheese board, salt cellar and pepper grinder are beautiful in marble and will last forever. Just don’t hide them behind cabinet doors — leave them out on the counter where you can enjoy them.

3. Coffee table. A marble slab-topped coffee table makes an elegant centerpiece for the living room conversation area. Just remember to keep out plenty of coasters, since liquids can stain that gorgeous marble surface!

Try a Marble Coffee Table

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4. Cafe table. A petite cafe table, just the right size for one or two, makes a très chic spot to enjoy your morning latte and croissant. Pair a marble-top restaurant-style table with black chairs in a modern shape, or with classic bentwood seats.

5. Nightstand. A small marble-topped nightstand makes a stylish perch for bedtime essentials. If you want to really play up the pale marble, paint your bedroom walls a deep, dark hue for contrast.

6. Tray. A marble tray makes everything around it look more chic. Try it in the bedroom to hold your favorite jewelry and fragrance, in the living room supporting a stack of books and a sculptural object, or on a dining room sideboard filled with barware.

7. Tub surround. Marble slabs with dramatic veining surrounding this tub give it a glamorous look. Whenever you use marble in the bath, it’s essential to be sure it is properly sealed to prevent water damage, and have it resealed regularly.

8. Marble print. For a budget-friendly way to bring the look of marble into your home, consider scooping up a different sort of marble — marble print. Whether in artwork or on fabric, marble print is hot right now, so you should be able to find lots of options, from bedding to posters.

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9. Kitchen counters. Marble counters are pricey, but if you have a compact kitchen, the cost could be more within reach than you think. If you have your heart set on marble, consider other areas where you can save, such as simple subway tile for the walls, and refaced or repainted cabinetry rather than brand new.

10. Baking station. If marble counters are out of the question (or you rent), investing in a marble-topped baking station is a wonderful way to bring marble into the kitchen in a big way, without breaking the bank. The naturally cool surface of marble is a favorite of bakers, because it helps keep dough cool (and easier to work with) longer.

1. Luxe laundry room topperA marble counter or folding station in the laundry room is an unexpected surprise that can elevate your everyday chores. Why not make laundry day more beautiful?

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