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Landscaping is more than property maintenance—it’s an art form. And Chuck Simpson, owner of Simpson Landscape Company in Dublin, has been perfecting that art for decades.

“A plant growing in nature is like a wild animal,” Simpson says. “It takes care of itself. When we adopt those plants and begin taking care of them, they become pets and we must treat them so. We need to supply water, food and proper care. It’s a commitment. No one likes to see wild looking, feral animals mulling about a house.”

Simpson Landscape has created award winning landscapes and parks in Keene, Spofford, Amherst, Bedford and the entire Monadnock region. The team specializes in walkways, stonework, irrigation, lawns, perennial gardens, water features, soil preparation, grading and drainage and trees and shrubs.

It’s a combination of a studied eye, an artist’s hand and in Simpson’s case, years of experience in the industry that can make the difference.

“Quality landscaping is when a building melds into its landscape,” Simpson says. “It appears to have always been on its site. It could be as rigid as a proper English garden or as subtle as a nature representation landscape. Each is proper so long as there is an integration of building and gardens. While walkways, patios, perennial gardens, trees and shrubs, water features, arbors and fencing, grading, and soil preparation are all the parts, we supply the whole. Our job is to be good landscape ‘fitters.’”

It can all begin with a simple consultation. Ideas are shared, the Simpson team brings its decades of experience to the plan and then the design phase begins.

“A designer meets with our client for an hour or two to discuss the wishes and dreams concerning their landscape,” Simpson says. “We talk about budget numbers so that we can incorporate that budget into the plan. There is the presentation of the plan and menu to the client and a final concept. Starting time frames are discussed. From there, we look at the whole season and devise a game plan.”

Transforming a loved, but unremarkable environment into an award-winning showcase starts with a call.

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