Sweet Gingerbread Homes at Strawbery Bank

Each year, Strawbery Banke lets visitors vote for the best holiday creations made from gingerbread, candy and other edible treats.

Even without much snow outside for Christmas 2011, it was a winter wonderland at the Gingerbread House Contest held during Strawbery Banke's annual Candlelight Stroll.

With twenty-nine confectionary constructions in last year's twentieth annual event, nearly nine thousand viewers were treated to the creativity of gingerbread architecture and design.

"Our creators looked to fictional worlds to bring their designs to life," says Kathleen Churchill, Strawbery Banke's events director. "We had country cottages; a number of animals and farms, including another holiday scene in a forest 'household'; and Munchkinland."

Once the creations were submitted, the museum's staff created a village of gingerbread homes, using lights, snow and trees to connect them. Then, community judges chose award winners in several categories: houses made by adults, families or youth groups. Here's a look at some of the finished works that brought more merriment to the season. 

2012 Gingerbread Contest at Strawbery Banke

Want to share your creativity? Entries for Strawbery Banke’s 2012 Gingerbread Contest are now being accepted! Be sure to register your entry by November 20 by emailing your name, address, day and evening phone number(s), email address and category (family: children younger than age eighteen working with or without adults; youth group: Scouting, church, 4H, etc.; or adult: individuals or groups age eighteen or older) to Sarah Regan at leadinterpreters@strawberybanke.org. Completed entries must be delivered to the Tyco Visitors’ Center of Strawbery Banke between 1 and 4 p.m. on Tuesday, November 27. (Contact Strawbery Banke for complete rules.)

All entries will be on display during Candlelight Stroll evenings (December 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 and 16). One prize will be awarded in each category. Judging—by a panel of community volunteers—takes place before the last weekend of Candlelight Stroll.

Categories: Architecture and Interiors