The low-down on getting an appliance serviced

Wayne St. Hilaire, owner of Appliance Services in Brentwood, has worked on appliances for more than thirty years. He’s seen lots of changes in the industry—as well as problems. Here are some of his observations:

• Because almost all appliances now contain high-tech electronics, they have a shorter lifespan. Problems are often too expensive to repair.

• Icemakers located inside a refrigerator are at risk of freezing and breaking because of air loss and moisture migrating inside.

• Regular appliance service contracts don’t cover things like broken drawers, handles or complications resulting from electrical power failures.

• Shop at an appliance store. The salespeople there are knowledgeable about different brands, and the stores have
better inventory than “big box” stores.

• Additional features mean additional chances something can go wrong.

• “Delay start” on a dishwasher is unnecessary. It uses room-temperature water, which won’t get your dishes clean. Better to choose “start” and begin the cycle with hot water.

• Touch pad controls on stoves and dishwashers are susceptible to problems from vapors and moisture.

• To work properly, induction cooktops require high-quality, flat-bottomed ferrous metal cooking pans. These cooktops are almost too expensive to repair if something happens.

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