2019 Excellence in Historic Renovation Winner: Bienvenue Condominiums

Dr. Stephen Del Giudice and Vicki Patric’s new home is dramatic architecturally, since it was formerly the church altar. The thirty-foot ceiling and enormous windows afford views of downtown Concord, including the gold State House dome a few blocks away.

John Jordan of John S. Jordan Design PLLC in Canterbury
(603) 753-6920

This project is an adaptive reuse of the historic Sacred Heart Church in Concord into ten residential units. Three garden-style units are in the lower-level spaces and seven townhome-style units are in the upper-level spaces. These seven units each have two floors, which required a new second-floor level in the former main church hall. The existing spaces provided a number of opportunities to work with existing church elements, such as the former altar and the windows, in creative ways to provide varied floor plans and spatial experiences.

Judges said: This project illustrates how the transformation of interior church architecture into new dwelling units offers a unique living experience with captivating spatial attributes.

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