Catch the flavors of summer with these seafood recipes

Would it surprise you to know that New Hampshire has the shortest ocean coastline of any state in the United States? We have just eighteen miles of sandy beaches, trusty lighthouses, mesmerizing waves, majestic sailing vessels and gorgeous ocean sunsets.  

In addition to all the beauty that we derive from our coastline, we are fortunate to have access to local fresh fish and seafood. For me, that is critical because I am a true seafood lover, and always thinking of new ways to prepare everything from haddock to lobster and shrimp.

There are many reputable fishmongers on the New Hampshire Seacoast, selling the daily catch. It is always a treat to see what an array of fish and seafood is available. I let my fishmonger be my guide in choosing what to buy, and buying as close to home as possible guarantees the utmost off-the-boat freshness. Creamy- and succulent-looking sea scallops always get my attention, and the best advice I can give is not to overcook them. They are perfect seared in a hot cast-iron pan on the grill.

Lobster is king on the Seacoast and the perfect summer choice for outdoor or indoor eating. I love the tradition of cracking into a boiled lobster—armed with nutcrackers and nutpicks, and decked out for duty with a plastic bib around my neck. Checkerboard-covered tables and lots of melted butter complete this summer picture. And, oh, don’t forget the steamers and the annual clambake; those say summer, too!

Sometimes, when I want something a little more fancy for entertaining, I craft Seafood Sundaes. I use a variety of fish and shellfish that are available—such as shrimp, scallops, crab meat, clams, oysters and squid—that are cooked, marinated in lemon and lime juices, and served with a spicy cocktail sauce in a stylish glass.

Even though the Granite State has a precious oceanfront resource, we need to be mindful of the delicate balance of supply and demand. Overfishing some species has struck a dire chord with those who fish for a living and those who consume fish. We need to allow depleting species to replenish themselves by letting nature take its course so that we can enjoy endless summers of the fruits of the sea.

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